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32,468 hits for GeoIP
4,855 hits for F2B-Apache-Crawler
4,146 hits for F2B-Apache-AbuseIPDB
1,317 hits for HELO-Inv
183 hits for F2B-Apache
169 hits for UCEP
111 hits for F2B-Apache-Hacker
75 hits for Reject-PTR
58 hits for Manual
56 hits for SH-DBL-HELO
52 hits for TorExitNode
46 hits for ResIP
18 hits for No-PTR
9 hits for HELO-Rej
8 hits for SH-DBL-PTR
8 hits for IDS
3 hits for Dyn-PTR
1 hit for Spamhaus
1 hit for SpamDonkey
1 hit for F2B-Filezilla

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