All 10 IPs hit by IDS. (Page: 1 of 1)
Timestamp IP Address Country Hits
23/12/01 17:31:45167.248.133.51United States1
23/12/01 17:30:3113.110.219.8United States10
23/12/01 17:04:47136.169.211.230Russia3
23/12/01 16:56:3879.124.8.18The Netherlands40
23/12/01 16:29:3691.92.248.153Bulgaria1
23/12/01 16:24:23107.170.255.12United States1
23/12/01 15:58:
23/12/01 15:57:08167.94.146.55United States1
23/12/01 15:19:59101.42.15.175China149
23/12/01 15:05:02107.170.238.48United States1

IDS = Intrusion Detection System.

Records connections that either a) were not rejected and did not successfully send a message or b) were not rejected and did not successfully log in. After 3 such connections within an interval of a specified number of hours (declared in Config.ps1), the IP is banned. If an IP is recorded less than 3 times within the interval period, it is expired from the IDS table.