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Hits per day from inception:

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Average hits per hour from inception:

Average blocks per hour from inception:

This Week's Daily Hits:

0 Hits Today
0 Hits Yesterday
0 Hits on Tuesday
0 Hits on Monday
0 Hits on Sunday

Daily average last 7 days: 13 hits
Daily average last 30 days: 18 hits
Daily average last 90 days: 59 hits
Daily average last 180 days: 43 hits

This Year's Monthly Hits:

81 Hits so far this month
0 Hits in December
0 Hits in November
0 Hits in October
0 Hits in September

Monthly average last 3 months: 4,183 hits
Monthly average last 6 months: 5,103 hits
Monthly average last 12 months: 4,410 hits

Top 5 spammer countries:

United States8,698 hits 16.41%
Vietnam5,418 hits 10.22%
Brazil5,136 hits 9.69%
Russia4,213 hits 7.95%
China2,475 hits 4.67%

Last 5 duplicate IPs: with 2 hits last seen 21/5/9 with 2 hits last seen 21/5/9 with 2 hits last seen 21/5/9 with 4 hits last seen 21/5/6 with 2 hits last seen 21/5/6

See all 750 Duplicate Entries.

Ban Reasons:

32,599 hits for GeoIP.
4,987 hits for F2B-Apache-Crawler.
4,508 hits for F2B-Apache-AbuseIPDB.
3,453 hits for Spamhaus.
1,727 hits for No-PTR.
1,405 hits for Dyn-PTR.
1,389 hits for HELO-Inv.
859 hits for Manual.
556 hits for IDS.
211 hits for HELO-Rej.
203 hits for F2B-Apache.
175 hits for CatchSpam.
169 hits for UCEP.
166 hits for Reject-PTR.
130 hits for F2B-Apache-Hacker.
96 hits for F2B-Filezilla.
82 hits for AbuseIPDB.
63 hits for SH-DBL-HELO.
55 hits for GeoIP-Logon.
53 hits for TorExitNode.
48 hits for ResIP.
38 hits for Reject-HELO.
12 hits for ListUnsub-Rej.
10 hits for SH-DBL-PTR.
9 hits for SH-DBL-From.
2 hits for SpamDonkey.

IPs Released From Firewall:

4,507 IPs triggered by F2B-Apache-AbuseIPDB released.
3,408 IPs triggered by Spamhaus released.
2,871 IPs triggered by GeoIP released.
1,686 IPs triggered by No-PTR released.
1,248 IPs triggered by F2B-Apache-Crawler released.
796 IPs triggered by Manual released.
211 IPs triggered by HELO-Rej released.
178 IPs triggered by F2B-Apache released.
175 IPs triggered by CatchSpam released.
159 IPs triggered by IDS released.
145 IPs triggered by HELO-Inv released.
127 IPs triggered by F2B-Apache-Hacker released.
82 IPs triggered by UCEP released.
79 IPs triggered by F2B-Filezilla released.
63 IPs triggered by SH-DBL-HELO released.
53 IPs triggered by TorExitNode released.
48 IPs triggered by ResIP released.
47 IPs triggered by GeoIP-Logon released.
44 IPs triggered by Dyn-PTR released.
38 IPs triggered by Reject-HELO released.
34 IPs triggered by Reject-PTR released.
24 IPs triggered by AbuseIPDB released.
12 IPs triggered by ListUnsub-Rej released.
10 IPs triggered by SH-DBL-PTR released.
9 IPs triggered by SH-DBL-From released.
2 IPs triggered by SpamDonkey released.

Ban Enforcement:

53,005Total number of IPs banned
(16,056)Number of IPs released from firewall
36,949Number of IPs currently banned by firewall rule


Ban Analyzer: How many IPs have unsuccessfully returned to spam and how many times.

Blocks Analyzer

Unprocessed IPs:

IPs that have been recently added or marked for release or reban that have not yet been processed by the scheduled task to have their firewall rule added or deleted.

7 IPs recently added
16,054 IPs marked for release
36,939 IPs marked for reban
0 IPs marked for SAFE list
0 IPs marked for SAFE list removal

Top 5 Repeat Spammers:

Parsed from the firewall log dropped connections: IPs that knocked on the door but couldn't get in.

58,261 knocks by from Russia
50,074 knocks by from Russia
46,148 knocks by from Bulgaria
42,687 knocks by from United States
39,524 knocks by from United States

21,454 IPs attempted to connect but were dropped at the firewall a total of 2,624,594 times since July 17th, 2019

IPs Marked Safe:

2 hits for permanently released (SAFE) IPs.

Most Recent Activity:

Last IP banned: at 07:31:46 from NOT FOUND with 0 accumulated blocks.

Last firewall drop: at 20:56:04 from Bulgaria with 91 accumulated blocks.