Re-Ban a date range:

Enter start & end dates and click to review.

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Note: Range can be a single day, but start and end dates must both be filled in.

Re-Ban a recent day:

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Re-Ban a Ban Reason:

Released IPs for the following ban reasons. Click to review.

32,397 hits for GeoIP
1,383 hits for Dyn-PTR
1,348 hits for HELO-Inv
330 hits for F2B-Apache-Crawler
182 hits for Spamhaus
172 hits for Manual
149 hits for UCEP
118 hits for F2B-Apache-Hacker
93 hits for CatchSpam
78 hits for AbuseIPDB
72 hits for Reject-PTR
38 hits for F2B-Filezilla
33 hits for F2B-Apache-AbuseIPDB
31 hits for Reject-HELO
29 hits for IDS
20 hits for F2B-Apache
13 hits for TorExitNode
13 hits for HELO-Rej
10 hits for No-PTR
10 hits for ListUnsub-Rej
9 hits for GeoIP-Logon
8 hits for SH-DBL-From
4 hits for SH-DBL-HELO
2 hits for SpamDonkey
1 hit for SH-DBL-PTR

Re-Ban a Country:

Will search for matching released IPs.

Note: Only applies to previously released IPs for the selected country.

Manually ban an IP range:

Enter an IP or IP range. Will search for matches and if found will reban. If no matches found will add IP to firewall ban list with reason "Manual". Not dependent on previous bans/releases.

IP Ranges MUST be in: OR format.

Single IPs will be automatically converted to /32 CIDR for insertion as firewall rule. Netmask /22 - /32 only. Click to review options before committing to a network ban.

Ban something else:

Whatever shall we ban? Work in progress placeholder. Suggestions welcome.